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Background Images

The images used as backgrounds for the exhibition have been reproduced here, so that they can be viewed in full.

Three men sanding in front of a colliery building underneath a sign stating 'This Colliery is now manged by the National Coal Board on Behalf of the People'

Ty Trist Colliery [c. 1940s-1950s], (Courtesy of Big Pit)

A colour image of Annesley Colliery.  There is a large red letter 'A' on one of the buildings.

Annesley Colliery, February 1994 (Mick Haskard)

Image of Barony.  Railway tracks are in the foreground.  The A-frame is on the left, colliery buildings in the middle, and cooling towers on the right.

Barony Colliery, marshalling yard and power station, 1967 (Crown Copyright).

A black and white image of Bickershaw. A canal is in the foreground, the winding gear is on the left and right and other colliery buildings in between.

Bickershaw Colliery (Crown Copyright)

Colour image of Easington colliery with car park in the foreground and the North sea in teh background

Easington Colliery, c.1990 (Simon Chapman)

Black and white image of Markham. The image came with a caption 'No. 1 Pit Surface looking towards Screens, 19th April 1956.'.  There are five men in the foreground.  One of the buildings has a sign 'NO SMOKING HAVE YOU SEARCHED YOUR POCKETS'.  The bottom of the winding tower is also visible.

Markham Colliery, 1956 (Arthur May personal collection, digitised for this project under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0)

Image of Point of Ayr Colliery taken from a distance.  Whole colliery is visible.  The image is framed by a tree branch and the sea is visible.

Point of Ayr Colliery, (Crown Copyright)

Image of a half built drift.  Pontefract town is in the background.

Constructing the new drft at Prince of Wales Colliery, c. 1980. (West Yorkshire Archive Service, Wakefield, WYW186/2/18/1/100)

Colour image of Tower colliery in the snow.  There are girders in the foreground and the winding tower and other colliery buildings in the background.

Tower Colliery, December 1982 (John Podpadec)

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