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Primary Sources

One of the goals of this project and exhibition was to make material about coalfield history more widely available.  We have included digitised primary sources throughout this exhibition for others to use.  We particularly hope that people in coalfield communities will use them. 

Oral History and Photographs

Photographs and extracts from oral histories are included throughout the exhibition.  In order to increase accessibility, we have provided transcripts of the oral history extracts. The images that we have used as backgrounds are also available in full, with credits.​

Digitised Documents

Throughout our research we have been given and loaned documents relating to mining history by interviewees and have used this exhibition to make them more widely available.  We have included short documents as a single image and turned longer documents into pdfs.  

As well as including this material in the exhibition pages about individual pits, we have also grouped it together in the following categories: miners' writing about their lives, personal documentsmass produced colliery documents, and trade union documents.

Digitised Documents

Copyright and Reuse

Our oral histories are licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence.  The material can be reused as long as credit is given. 

The images are copyright and not available for reuse without permission from the original copyright holders.  The exception is Crown Copyright images that have been digitised for the project.  The digitisations are licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence and the images themselves are able to be used under the normal provisions of Crown Copyright.

Copyright and reuse
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