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Trade Union Documents

Branch records of mining unions were often one of the many casualities of Conservative government's rapid closure of pits. Many lodge and branch records are still in someone's attic, while others appears not to have survived (we wrote a blog post about NUM records).  Trade unionist who were taking care of these records granted us access for our research and have digitised extracts of that material.

We have digitised the Easington branch NUM on the day of nationalisation and the last Point of Ayr Lodge minutes.

Hand written minutes in a specially printed minute book

Easington Minutes, (Alan Cummings personal collection)  Transcript

Two lined pages from a book (the pages are numbered) written on in black pen.

Point of Ayr Minute book, (Keith Gildart personal collection), Transcript

Thanks to the Derbyshire Record Office we have digitised images of The Derbyshire Miners' Welfare Holiday Centre brochure.

Skegness Brochure front.jpg
Skegnes Brochure back.jpg

An application form for the Derbyshire Miners’ Welfare Holiday Centre, 1959 (Derbyshire Record Office, D1920-4-1-11), Transcript

We also digitised fliers people we interviewed had saved.

Single typewritten page
Single typewritten page

Documents relating to North Wales Miners' strike support, Keith Gildart Personal Collection, Transcript

All text poster tiled 'the situation in the minng industr'. Most black and white with one section white on red

Poster, 1988, Keith Gildart Personal Collection,  Transcript

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